Holistic Routine Series – Holistic Routine is an integrative wellness exercise routine that combines Warm ups, Qigong, Taichi, and Meditation to promote good health and wellness.  It balances energy accumulation and circulation harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.

Self Acupressure Workshop – Self Healing Qigong and Acupressure are integral to Traditional Chinese Medicine and can treat many conditions using acupuncture points and exercises to specific parts of the body.  This hands-on interactive workshop will teach you simple methods and techniques such as Qigong Facial, Body Tapping, Vital Organ Healing and much more.. to awaken our own natural healing ability.

Mindful Movement Series – This program will provide low impact movements using a combination of Tai Chi and Qigong techniques.  Each class will offer balance, coordination and breathing exercises to help strengthen your immune system by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system.

Rise & Shine Qigong Series – Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, this class offers a unique blend of breathing, gentle warm ups, & qigong movements to begin your day.

Taichi Basics Series – Taichi Basics is a combination of slow movement, mental focus, natural breathing, and relaxation, enabling mind & body to balance and harmonize.  In the series, you will learn TAICHI 10. It is a short form that uses limited space and ideal for beginners. At first, you will do the movements individually then link them together as a complete form. Some basic theory, warm ups, and simple Qigong will also be included.

Y-Dan Qigong Series – Y-Dan is ideal for early morning exercise.  Focusing on liver health, calming the nervous system, external body strength, and breathing; Y-Dan can improve balance, blood circulation, injury prevention  and rehabilitation, joint mobility, and overall energy flow.

Five Elements Simplified Workshop – This interactive workshop explores how the natural universal elements work in harmony with all aspects of our mind and body. Simple theory, Qigong, breathing techniques, and healing sounds will demonstrate the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Yin-Yang Power – Taichi for Healing & Self Defence Series – In this series, you will learn TAICHI 24. It is one of the most popular Taichi routines practiced worldwide. You will discover the healing benefits and self-defence applications for each movement.

Sleep Qigong & Self Acupressure Series – Sleep difficulty such as : trouble falling asleep; can fall asleep easily but wake up several times throughout the night; fall asleep but wake up too early feeling you haven’t slept quite enough; or you suffer from insomnia. Stress, anxiety, depression, age, worry, and other factors can contribute to sleep issues. In this series, you will learn a variety of holistic & non evasive ways to deal with sleep issues including self-acupressure, gentle qigong, helpful tips, & calming breathing exercises.